Don't Let Termites Eat Through Your Building

Don't Let Termites Eat Through Your Building

Arrange for our local termite inspection services in Atmore & Spanish Fort, AL

Termites can damage a building severely, but Hughes Pest Control can help you prevent this. We can provide local termite inspection services for your building in Atmore & Spanish Fort, AL. We serve property owners and real estate agents.

We'll look for common signs of a termite infestation, like:

  • Sagging or heavy-looking drywall
  • Pellets of termite droppings
  • Tunnels chewed through drywall or trees

If we find termites, we'll let you know as much about the issue as you want. Then, we'll come up with a solution. To schedule a local termite inspection, call 251-253-7242 now.

Solve your termite problem by calling us for termite control services

When termites invade your property, we can provide termite control services with termite bombs. We can also provide proactive services to keep your termites away.

We'll make sure that your property is free from termites by providing in ground liquid treatments and Termite bait stations. This can help you sell a home or settle into a new home with confidence that it is pest free. For a free estimate on termite control services, reach out to us today.